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 Analyzing and evaluating dam construction works

The Japan Dam Engineering Center provides technological assistance related to the analysis and evaluation of site execution by sending experts to evaluate

and give advice on a variety of technical subjects to contribute to progress during construction works and the first filling of reservoir, from the standpoint of supporting the construction owner.

  Analysis and evaluation of execution works

   Evaluating foundation excavation/basement line
   Evaluating/quarry/ excavation/aggregate
   Evaluating design of concrete mix proportion
   Evaluating foundation treatment
   Evaluating measures to prevent landslides around reservoirs
   Evaluating embankment dam body material
   Evaluating execution control/quality control
   Evaluating overall site execution
   Evaluating first filling of reservoir
   Advising on cost reduction

  Past execution analysis and evaluation work
  Meeting held for evaluation and advice
  Confirming the finishing excavation


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