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In response to the demand for strengthening measures to reduce construction costs of public works projects, it is becoming increasingly important for dam projects, which are large scale, to be carried out at lower costs premised on maintaining function and safety of dams. For this reason, it is necessary to plan to effectively reduce costs at every stage of construction projects - planning, design, and execution.

Particularly at the stage before ordering the main construction works, it is very important to carry out value engineering, which means improving the design and scheme of execution by making proposals to ensure the required safety of the dam, to raise its quality, and to improve its workability through cross checking by experts on dam geology and the design, execution and management of dam bodies from a variety of perspectives.

The Japan Dam Engineering Center has applied its advanced and wide-ranging technological capabilities to carry out value engineering of the design and scheme of execution and has proposed cost-reducing technologies for many dams. Its practical technical proposals have been highly evaluated by project owners.


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