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 Major Recent Technological Assistance Cases

The Japan Dam Engineering Center helps dam builders to solve technological problems related to their work at every stage of a dam project - surveying, design, construction, and management - by providing high-level and comprehensive technological assistance in response to requests from national or prefectural governments. To provide this assistance, the JDEC uses the comprehensive results of its survey and research work.

Upgrading the facilities of existing dams

    More efficient management
    Sedimentation countermeasures
    Strengthening discharge capacity
    Raising the dam height

Comprehensive inspections of managed dams

    Comprehensive inspections of managed dams

Technologies related to planning

    Study of dam flood regulation planning
    Planning and designing a dry dam

Technologies related to geology and foundation treatment

    Advancing geological analysis
    Surveying landslides around dam reservoirs

Design and execution works related

    Analyzing and evaluating dam construction works
    Artificial abutment
    Rationalization of the design and execution of embankment dams

Intake and discharge equipment related

    Reducing the costs of intake equipment
    Reducing the cost of discharge equipment

VE related

    VE of design and execution scheme

Evaluating the safety of water utilization dams

    Evaluating the safety of water utilization dams




 Surveys and Research

 Technological Assistance

 Precast Form Projects

 Patents Held

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